Monday, February 16, 2015

Where is Your Umbrella?

February 16, 2015

Hello everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Happy February and everything :)

So this week, during Carnaval, we have been going out at 9 a.m. because we have to be indoors by 5 p.m. And I have been getting double tanned. Even Sister Morales, who is brown, got super burnt when she forgot to put on sunscreen this week. The sun has been scooorching. And I got chewed out this week 2 different times by 2 different little old ladies who we had never met before. "Where is your umbrella? You’re so white, you need to always carry an umbrella to protect you from the sun! You could get cancer!" And one said, "I know you're doing good things, and God protects you but God doesn't do what we ourselves can and should do!" I decided they were 2 of the 3 Nephites. And I heeded their counsel. 

Other than that, Carnaval has been really calm. 

Events of the week...some investigators, and their son came to church this week again, and also Damião, and another investigator! We are working with the members to reactivate, and rescue less actives. (Sidenote-Alma 17 is really interesting to study with the perspective of bringing back less actives). Unfortunately, none of our investigators were able to come to church this week :( Gabriel had to work. Thank you for your prayers for him. He is struggling with some things right now, and has been the focus of our prayers this week.  

We are finding new people to teach this week as well, despite Carnaval.  We met one man on the street this week that said he had already talked several times with the missionaries, and wasn’t all that interested in marking a day to meet with us, but then he started talking about how there are so many religions in the world, and asked the question, “Why are there so many churches?” and we said, “We have the answer to that!” and gave a summary of the Restoration, and showed him the Book of Mormon.  Though he said he had met several times with the missionaries, this seemed to be news to him.  He asked how much it costed, and we told him it was free if he wanted to read it, and he accepted, and marked a day to meet with us.  We are excited to return and meet with him again this week.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!  I will see you again next Wednesday [not Monday], we’re going to the temple!

Sister Hicken  

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