Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taking a Bucket Shower and Washing Dishes from a Bucket...It's Funner Than It Sounds!

January 19, 2015

This week was, as always, crazy. But it was sooooo good! 

First things first-

Damião was baptized!!!!!!!! We were sooo happy. It was a simple, short baptismal service, but it went perfectly. It was so sweet to see his expression as he came up out of the water. He was just so happy. And then on Sunday, after his confirmation, he came back and sat down next me and said "Okay, NOW I'm a Mormon!" haha :) Irmão Rinaldo, our ward mission leader gave a talk on Sunday and in the middle of his talk, he invited Damião to come up and bear his testimony (after he had asked me before sacrament meeting if he would have to talk at the pulpit and I said no, haha). It was soo sweet, his testimony. So simple and pure, like a child's. 

Other news-we invited the majority of our investigators to be baptized on a specific date. The results-One accepted to be baptized on February 7th, two others are still investigating, and need more time to feel if it's right, and one flat out refused. But it was good to "DTR" [Define The Relationship] with our investigators so that we can know how to help them, if they desire to follow Christ or not. 

Other news.....the town has been out of running water for most of this week. We have 2 big plastic barrels of water that hold 1000L, so when we don't have running water, we take bucket showers and flush toilets with buckets and wash our dishes in water from a bucket! It's funner than it sounds. 

Other newwwss...........today is the first day of my last transfer. That is so weird to think. 

Oh, I forgot to tell about the division we did from the week before. I went to Goiana to do a division with Sister H. Silva for a day, and Sister Ruiz came here to Ouro Preto. 

I'm almost out of time, we only have an hour today because the Lan House is gonna close, but I love you all and wish you a happpppy MLK day!

Love, Sister Hicken

Sister Hicken, Jacqueline, and Sister Morales

Sister Hicken, Pedro and Gabriel.  Pedro always asks, "Do you wear Princess Dresses every day?"

Sister Hicken, Damiao, and Sister Morales

Brother Rinaldo, Damiao, Sister Hicken, and Sister Morales

View from the highest point in Ouro Preto.

A real live, well actually dead scorpion in our apartment.

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