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He is the Gift

December 1, 2014

Hello All!



(I hope that's really the actual website cuz I actually only have the Portuguese version) [Yes…that’s the right website.] but anyways, 

Go there, after you finish reading this letter, and watch the video, He is the Gift. It is so good :) We are sharing it with everyone we know this month, and on December 7th, next Sunday, it will be the masthead video on YouTube. Share it with everyone! I am so excited to be entering in the Christmas season again, because it seems like people's hearts are more open to the Spirit at this time of year. 

So this week:  The work with the ward is progressing this week.  We were able to have more lessons with members, and also bishop called 2 ward missionaries this week, and is going to call more.  We had a meeting with them and our ward mission leader and also ward council, and are working with the ward to reactivate 5 families this month.  We are working hard and our grupo de ensino [google translate says education group but teaching group makes more sense…] is slowly building.

We invited our ward mission leader, Irmao Rinaldo to come with us to our lesson with a man we had met a few weeks ago, but this week asked us to mark a day to come and talk with him to resolve some questions and doubts he has.  He has been a member of the 7th Day Adventist church for 21 years.  22 years ago he met with the missionaries, but, evidently, didn’t join the church.  We had talked with him a few weeks ago, and he was very friendly, but wasn’t interested…but this time he asked us to come.  We went with Ir. Rinaldo, and it was soooooo good that we did because when we got there, we could tell he was ready to debate, but after the prayer, before we started to talk, Ir. Rinaldo said a few words, about how we wanted the Spirit to be there, and were not by any means going to debate, and I don’t even remember what else he said, but brought such a spirit of peace to the room, that Jorge visibly relaxed, and during our discussion, the Spirit was there.  He had doubts about agency and sin, and 2 Nephi 2, and we were actually able to resolve them.  It was D & C 50 coming to life.  There were some things that he didn’t agree with or  accept, but when this happened, we just testified of what we knew and invited him to pray and ask God, and ponder on these things.  He wants us to come back this week.  He has a list of doubts.  And he LOVED Ir. Rinaldo.

Another investigator couldn’t come this week, but said he would skip his church one week to come visit ours, next week!

We visited an inactive couple this week, we had received as a referral from a member. They were very receptive, even though they’ve been inactive for years and years.  The husband said last week he ran into the sisters close to the temple, and that last night he had a dream about the Book of Mormon.  He told his wife about it and she said, “How funny that he told me about his dream this afternoon, and then just now you two showed up!”  Coincidence?  I think NOT!  We are working with them to come back.

Guys, I know the gospel is true.  I know Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, and that He knows each one of us personally.  He is our constant Friend.  I love Him, and know that because of Him, my family will be together forever.

I love you all, and wish you a merry December 1st!  It has begun!!! :D  THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEEEEAR!

Sister Hicken

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