Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cockroach Pudding

December 15, 2014

Mundo feliz, nasceu Jesus! [Happy world, the Lord!]

Excerpt from letter to President:

“This week has been super super busy, with Ouro Preto becoming one area again, and trying to follow up with all of our investigators and the other sisters’ investigators.  We have been working hard, and combining with the ward to reactivate and teach investigators, and have started to see the growth!  It’s so exciting!  We are preparing a couple to get married and her to be baptized, and are planning the baptisms of at least 2 other investigators as well.  We have many progressing or potentially progressing investigators, and are bringing back the lost sheep as well.  This is a new era for Ouro Preto!  Our ward mission leader is fantastic, and is on the same page as us, and the First Presidency.  We know the Lord has his hand over Ouro Preto right now, and miracles are happening.  We feel so very blessed to work here right now.”

So yeah this week has been fantastic! We are so excited with all the growth that is happening  here. One investigator came to church with her grandson and loved church. We have felt that she needs a little more time to prepare for baptism, due to some illnesses and medical appointments, but she'll get there. Also, an investigator of the other sisters, Damião came to church and told the bishop that he feels his place is here. Woohoo! Jaqueline came again, and she and Eduardo are excited as well. 

Funny/horror story of the week--My companion is deathly afraid of cockroaches. She can handle spiders, rats, mosquitos, whatever, but haaaaates cockroaches, and can't kill them. I used to have a cockroach phobia too, but after a while, got used to (ish) seeing and killing them without a problem. I don't like them, but I could smash one without a problem. I thought I was over my cucaracha-phobia, and laughed at my companion when she screamed because of a cockroach, and thought "I remember when I used to do that. But I’m so much more mature now...." weeeellll I should have known I had it coming to me. Saturday morning as I went to empty out sand from my shoe, I saw there was something else inside, which I thought was a piece of trash or something, and reached in with my hand and the trash started to MOVE, and crawl and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagghhh!! It was a nasty giant COCKROACH!!!!!!!! 

The screaming was so loud, the neighbor kids came to see what happened. 

And AFTER being expulsed from my property, the critter had the nerve to run BACK into my shoe, as if it were his own house!!!! And he escaped too! The little nasty. But later I found him trying to sneak into our house again and I made pudding out of him. (Not literally). But he no longer resembles cockroach in any form.

I don't laugh at my companion anymore. 

Well that took more time to tell than I thought it would. Sorry I have to go. I’ll try to send pictures next week. 2 weeks ago we went to a reallllly beautiful place in Olinda. You can Google it. Alto da Sé. I have some cool pictures! 

Love you all and hope your Christmas is very merry! Good luck with finals! 

Sister Hicken

A Preview from Google Images of Alto da Se...hopefully next week's picture of it will actually have Sister Hicken in it!

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  1. Wow! Talk about an icebreaker in the form of cockroaches. Yikes! They are one of nature's most repellant surprises, sometimes. However, they are definitely something to be settled and done with. With the right people and materials, anyone can get rid of them. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Debra Owen @ Invader