Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in July--At Least That's What It Felt Like

December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was a wonderful day for you all, and that everyone is safe and sound and healthy and happy :) Christmas here isn't really a big holiday sadly, just a couple days off of work and a bunch of lights and things for most people. On Christmas Day, we had a district meeting in the morning, studied after almoço [lunch], got to talk with family :) (You're a good lookin bunch! It was so fun to see you! <3) and then we street contacted until a lesson with an investigator, and her sister-in-law, who is also a member. It went super well, and our investigator is seeing the change and feeling a peace that she has never had before. Sister Morales and I just love her so much, and are hope hope hoping that she and her boyfriend will be able to get married soon. She told us this week that they will probably be moving to Jaboatão, another part of Recife (NOOOOO!!!! :''''''''(((() But there are 2 wards there as well, and if it turns out that they move, I hope and pray that they will be in good hands there. They are amazing. Also, their son,  who is 4, is my new best friend. He calls me "tia" which is aunt. During sacrament meeting, I drew pictures for him to color, and he sat there coloring so quietly the whole time. He also says I look like a princess. I want to bring this kid home with me!!!! 

We visited one of our investigators this week, and she is feeling better ever since the blessing, and is feeling a peace she's never felt before. She loves church, and though she can't remember things very well, she is keeping commitments and is going to be baptized! 

Excerpt from letter to President:
"This week was a great week.  We have a good group of progressing investigators, and we are so excited to see them changing, and the members embracing them. But our investigator that we had marked for January 3rd will be gone all week, because of medical problems, and will be with her son in another city. She is an older lady, and has problems remembering things, and yesterday when we reminded her of her baptism date, she remembered that she was going to be staying with her son this next week. Sigh. But she is coming to church consistently and has no problem with the commandments so far, and we hope to remark her baptism for the 10th. We are working hard and the members are becoming more and more excited, and we are too. We are so grateful for the Lord's guidance, and the wonderful members here in Ouro Preto. 

We also visited our other investigator marked for baptism. He is the coolest old man ever. We just love him, and the members love him and we're so excited with his progress. He always asks questions, which I love, and he says he feels at home at church, and is excited for his baptism. Keep them in your prayers!"

Ooooother newsworthy events...........................................................................ummm I can't remember anything else. I'll remember 829,029,800,000 things afterwards, but for now I can't remember.

I love you all, and hope you have a lovely rest of 2014, and a fantastic 2015!!!!!!! Love yoooou!

Sister Hicken

Sunset on Christmas.  The view in front of our house.

District Meeting Christmas Morning.

P-Day in Olinda a few weeks ago.  Sister Hicken, Sister Damian, Sister Morales, and Sister Piza

Sister Hicken and Sister Morales (and the Atlantic Ocean out there!  The beach is a 30 minute walk from their house, but out of their district so they don't get to go.)

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