Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm a Momma Again!

November 10, 2014
I got a call from President today officially announcing what we were thinking these past few weeks---that I will be training, and that we will be dividing Ouro Preto! Aiaiai! The new sister's name is Sister Morales, and she's from Mexico, and is arriving straight from the CTM. I'm excited to meet her tomorrow! Pres. and Sister Bigelow are going to come pick me up and we'll go straight to the airport to get her, and then on Wednesday we'll have a training for all the new missionaries, and yeah! I have a ton of questions, and I have no idea how it's gonna all work out, but it will. I'm excited!

Here is an excerpt of my letter to President-
"We were excited to receive your call this morning. We were expecting to get another missionary here in Ouro Preto. I am excited to train Sister Morales, and know the Lord has a work for us to do here together!

This week was pretty difficult, for various reasons. Sister Piza was sick several days, so that was a challenge, but thankfully it was nothing serious, and she's feeling better. We had to drop several investigators that had seemed to have potential, but afterwards ran away from us and weren't home when we marked. We knocked on a lot of doors, and talked with a lot of people, but almost no one was interested. BUT, we set a goal in faith that we will have a baptism on November 22nd. We made some mini-goals to help us get there, and are fasting today as well. It's funny, about 10 minutes after we made this goal, we discovered that the house was out of water, and then later that day Sister Piza got sick, and it just seemed like everything combined all at once to ruin our progress. But that's what always happens when you're on the right track. It's what happens to every investigator on the path to baptism, every missionary that decides to serve a mission, or any person who wants to make changes in their life to follow Jesus Christ. I know the Lord has people prepared for us here in Ouro Preto, and we're close to finding them. We are trying something new in our messages nos almoços [in lunches], and are receiving more referrals from members. This week we hope to contact them all. I've never felt so challenged on my mission by the area, but I'm growing more than I ever have, and know that the Lord will bless us for our diligence and patience. I know we will be able to find, and teach, and baptize His elect here."
This week was a test of my faith. I was reading this week in Alma about the stripling warriors, and how after they won their battle, the war still wasn't over, and they waited for months with almost no provisions, and having to fight off the Lamanites with no outside help. They didn't know what was happening or why no help was coming, but they had faith that the Lord would deliver them, and they prayed and prayed for Him to help them and comfort them. And the Lord responded by sending peace, and comfort and giving them faith that He would deliver them. And that gave them the strength to fight the battles, and in the end, win the war. I know the Lord has a plan for His children in Ouro Preto, and there are things He needs me and my companions to accomplish. I may not understand right now, but I know He will bless my efforts with miracles. It is by faith (in action) that the Lord accomplishes miracles, through his humble and diligent servants. I am trying every day to be a better instrument in the hands of my Heavenly Father.
Thank you for all your prayers and love! It means the world to me to have the support of such awesome family and friends. I love you! :)

Have a wonderful week! Don't forget who's in charge.
Love, Sister Hicken

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