Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Howdy from Tatooine

November 24, 2014
Howdy from Tatooine!
Not that Recife has two suns, but it sure feels that way! I bathe myself every day in sunscreen. And the locals say that summer hasn't even begun yet. Don't tell me that! Nooononononono! So.... count your blessings over there in winter wonderland, and I’ll try to count mine here in Tatooine.
Sister Morales and I commented yesterday as we were going home, "What a weird week".  Just weird little experiences every day. Lots of people who wanted to debate with us this week. Trying to enlighten us so that we wouldn't be "enganado" (I can't remember the word in English). [The word she is looking for in English is…wrong according to Google translate.] Excerpt from my letter to president because I’m running short on time:

We nicknamed this week "a semana de apostasia" [the week of apostasy] because we found several people this week that wanted to debate with us, and didn't want to listen to our message, but did want to give us a lecture in false doctrine. It was really weird that they all came in the same week, at least four cases of Zeezroms, Nehors and Korihors. In each case, we listened and were respectful, and tried to teach or bear testimony if possible, and leave when the Spirit told us to. I had never been full out yelled at before on my mission until this week. While these experiences were not exactly delightful, we both felt peace, and we both felt our testimonies strengthened, and we knew the Lord was with us. We didn't get discouraged, on the contrary. We felt strengthened. What was disheartening was the compromissos [commitments] and members that had marked to teach with us that fell through this week. It was really rough. But we are thrilled because a brother moved back into the ward this week (who is a former bishop and stake president) and the bishop called him yesterday to be our ward mission leader. We are very excited to start working with him and have several ideas already.
Cool experiences this week--
With Juvita, a lady that we met knocking on doors. We started to talk and she said she was looking to come closer to God, and that she wasn't perfect, but wanted to follow his commandments. I can't remember all that happened, but as we talked, I felt prompted to share John 3:5 with her and share how baptism is one of the commandments of God, and how we can be clean and free, and one day return to live with God if we follow Jesus Christ and are baptized. And then I invited her to be baptized, and her eyes got misty and she said "that is all I want, to be closer to God". The spirit was so strong. Unfortunately, she just works at this house, and lives in another city (nooooooooooo!!!!) but she accepted to hear the missionaries at her house.
Another experience with Francisco and Alsira, his wife, who were very firm in their religion, and made this clear from the beginning, but accepted to hear a message, and at the end, accepted the invitation to pray to know if the church is true and come to church on Sunday, and sincerely told us they wanted to learn more, and maybe even become part of the church.
Ahhhh I wanted to share another few experiences, but my time is up. But this week, despite the difficulties, was full of little miracles. And we are looking forward, not back. I love you all and bye!
Sister Hicken

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