Monday, November 3, 2014

3 Musketeers/Charlie's Angels/Harry, Ron, and Hermione get to work in Ouro Preto

November 3, 2014

A galinha vai botar o ovo, e vai falar até a validade. 

Overheard quote from a guy at a gym that we passed this week. The translation is mais ou menos [more or less]---"The chicken will lay the egg and even tell you the expiration date!" Food for thought.

So I've officially completed one week in Ouro Preto! I'm starting to learn the area and get to know the members better. The ward is very small, about 30 members, even though the chapel is bigger than Carpina. We three are establishing a teaching and contacting pattern for 3 people. It's been challenging at times adjusting to teaching in a trio, it's the first time for everyone. (True, I was in a trio for 3 weeks in the CTM but that doesn't count because back then we didn't know how to teach or even speak Portuguese.) But we've been working on it, so it's flowing better. A little more about my companions- Sister Piza is 20, and is from São Paulo. She loves Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, so naturally, we're pals already. She's been out for 7 months and was the one that opened Ouro Preto (for sisters. Before it was elders.) with Sister Dana. Sister Damián is from Lima, Peru, is 22, and has 5 months on the mission. She is sooooo super sweet. She loves to sing, and is learning how to conduct as well. We practice together.  :) I love both of these ladies. We decided we are the 3 Musketeers, or Peter, James, and John, or the Powerpuff Girls, or Faith, Hope, and Charity, or Harry, Ron, and Hermione, or Charlie's Angels. It's going well. :)

This week was a planting week. We planted a lot of seeds, taught a lot of new investigators, and hopefully this week we will start to see the growth. No one was able to come to church this week for various reasons. One lady got all ready to go to church, and we arrived with a member to pick her up, and at the last minute her son showed up to visit or something, and she couldn't come. Sigh :( But we will try again next week. 

Excerpt from my letter to President this week.

"These week was exhausting, but in a good way. We have been in search of new people to teach. We are trying some new methods to obtain references from members, and get them more involved with missionary work. We feel that by working with the members, and especially reactivating less-actives, we will be able to find and complete families. But we are working hard to rekindle the Spirit that those members afastados [away] felt when they were baptized, and have started to teach members of their families that aren't members of the church (yet!). There's a lot to do!"

We taught a less-active, Margarida, and her grandson, João Vitor yesterday, and for the first time (the sisters said), she felt the desire and need to return to church. She felt the Spirit, and João Vitor too. We are excited to return and teach them. :)

Not sure if I said this last week, but it is likely that we will be getting a new sister this next week, and we will divide the area. Will keep you updated!

Well, that's about it! Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Oh, I forgot, for Halloween, we (accidentally) shared a quick message and said a prayer with a witch. She said she was Espírita (Spiritist?) [Spiritualist], but that we could say a prayer with her, and it wasn't till after we left the house that Sister Piza realized she was really a macomba practicer. I can't remember how to say macomba in English, but it's like voodoo or something. So that was our Halloween!

Love you all, and Happy November!

Love, Sister Hicken

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