Monday, October 20, 2014

Missionary Nightmares: Motorcycle X-Games in the Conference Center

October 20, 2014
Mata-mussa [woods-not a word] is not a word. However, montanha-russa [rollercoaster] is, and sometimes that makes a difference when you're telling a story about roller coasters. #portuguese
This week started out kinda rough. Appointments that we had marked ahead of time, as well as the members we had scheduled to come with us just fell through, one after the other. It was incredible. We did a loooot of walking and talking and knocking. (Actually, here, they usually clap instead of knock). But then we saw the blessings! Friday we had a great lesson with Girlaine and made goals with her to [be baptized]. It was perfect. And then, WE FOUND MARCELO! Or actually he found us. We were booking it down the street to get to the church on time, and I was on the phone, and he saw us, and was coming to talk to us, but then seeing that we were in a hurry, he decided he was just going to let it go, and in that moment, I turned around, and me and Sister Muñoz gasped and there was much shriekage and laughage and shaking of hands. We had been praying to be able to find him, because we hadn't been able to get a hold of him for 3 weeks. We found out that the number we had for him was wrong, and he didn't have our right number either, and so he had called and sent messages, but we didn't respond, and he thought we were mad at him, but we weren't! And he showed us where his house is, and the next day we had a lesson with him, and marked to do a fast with him that his mom will soften her heart, and that we and brother Cícero will be able to meet with her and resolve her concerns. We read with him the story of Esther, which is perfect for the situation. He's such a good kid. We are praying so hard for him to be able to be baptized.
Saturday we taught Denis, our recent convert’s family. His parents, and 2 little cousins. Carlos, Maria, Vitória, and Carla. And they all came to church! We are going to try to mark their baptism this week. They are such a sweet family.
Last night I had a dream that we were watching conference, but only like half the MoTab was there, and only some were singing and others were coming and going during the song, and I was like what is this??? And then all of a sudden there was this motorcycle X-Games thing going on in the middle of the conference center, and then another motorcycle got shot out of a cannon, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CONFERENCE CENTER and I was like "What are you doing??!!! This place is sacred!!! You can't do that!!!! Where is conference???" and then I woke up. #missionarynightmares. #iapologizefortheexcessiveuseofhashtagsduringthisletter
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!! :D

Sister Hicken

Family Home Evening at Erick's House (He's the ward mission leader, and the one taking this picture).  I love everyone in this photo!!

Beautiful Recife, Brazil

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