Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Better Than Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Halloween!!

October 6, 2014                                   Monday


I gave it four stars. It was fantastic. Ahhhhhh I already can't wait to read the Conference Liahona. Mom and Dad you haven't watched it yet, but they had a cool new element this time where the general authorities from other countries gave their talks in their native language, and they put the words up in English to read. It was so cool! Elder Carlos. A. Godoy talked in Portuguese. Yep that's what it sounds like! It was weird thinking that this was the last time I would be watching conference in Portuguese, but hopefully in the future, I'll still get to hear these native speakers from time to time. 

Conference answered a lot of questions for me, both as a missionary, and personally. And we had a fair amount of people who came! Eder and his mom closed their store on Sunday to come from a different town to watch conference here in Carpina. They reeeeally, really liked it. We're sad because they officially moved to Limoeiro, but it was great because the sisters from Limoeiro came here for conference as well, and they were able to meet him, and mark an appointment with him and his mom.

Waleska (pronounced Valeska), Camilla's friend came to church again, and we were able to visit her this week with one of the YW leaders. We hope to start teaching her family as well as her.

We were able to catch Dalva at home this week! She has been working every night with the political rallies, so we hadn't been able to meet with her. But thankfully on Sunday, the elections were held (I don't even know who won) and so she'll be able to meet with us, and come to church. She is such a sweetie. 

[As I serve on my mission] I think I'm starting to understand a little how Heavenly Father feels with me, when He needs me to do something that to me seems hard, but He sees the whole picture, and He knows that if I just take a step forward, the blessings will come, and I will understand. He is so patient with us. And lets us choose for ourselves, even when that must break His heart when we choose to go astray. 

Well, that's about it for this week! Sorry it wasn't a very exciting letter, haha. Happy Post-conference! Hope you were able to receive answers to prayers :) I know God directs this church through his prophet, and his chosen servants. We are so blessed to live during this time of priesthood power, and modern revelation. I love this gospel. And I love all of you! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Hicken

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