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September 29, 2014

GEEEENTEEEE!!!!!! CAMILLA FOI BATIZADA!!!!!!! :DDDDD  [People!! Camilla was baptized!]
Also I learned how to spell her name this week-with two Ls. Like me!

But yeah, she was baptized on Saturday!!!! And it was soooo lovely. A bunch of her family came, including her mom, Carla, who also came to church yesterday! Everything worked out well (though the prep was very stressful with some miscommunications between members, but everything worked out!) and she was confirmed on Sunday. 10 minutes after being confirmed, she was sustained as Beehive class president! Hahaha! She is such a cutie, and we love her so much :) She invited a friend to her baptism, and this friend, who has also been to other church activities told us she also wants to be baptized! We are just thrilled with these amazing young women and their examples. It's amazing, because when I got here, there was one active young woman, and now we're finding and teaching and reactivating so many amazing girls! A new young women's presidency was called, and they are bringing so much life to the YW class, and visiting with us. I am soo excited.
One night this week, we felt prompted to stop by Dominik's house. We hadn't had a chance to meet with her yet after coming to church. We found her at home, for the first time in weeks, and she said she LOVED church, and felt the Spirit so strongly during the sacrament and felt so welcomed by the members. We sat down and talked and she said more about how she loved church and is reading the Book of Mormon, and knows it's the word of God, that it's not false, but was afraid to pray about it because she knew God would tell her it was true, and it was scary for her to think about the possibility of other scripture beyond the Bible. Also there are a lot of people criticizing the church and the Book of Mormon, saying all sorts of things to her, but she sees that what they're saying isn't true. So the next night when we had a lesson with her, we felt we needed to talk about faith. We shared the story of Jairus, how his daughter died, and Jesus told him not to fear, only believe. He said that the girl was not dead, just sleeping, and the people laughed him to scorn. And yet, even with their friends and family mocking and disbelieving, Jairus and his wife chose to believe in the words of the Master, and because of their faith He was able to work a miracle, and bring their daughter back to life. We talked about the importance of having faith, not fear, and trust in the Lord, not men. And she started to cry and opened her heart to us. She said that she feels our love, and Heavenly Father's love at church and when we meet, and that though she doubted a lot at first, those barriers are falling down, and she feels so different, so good. The Spirit was very strong, as we listened and talked, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized on October 11th! It was amazing. We were so thrilled. We are praying very hard that everything will go well, and she will be able to be baptized on this day. After that lesson, we had another appointment marked with her, but she couldn't make it, and we haven't been able to get ahold of her since. Please pray for her and her family, especially that they will be able to come to church this week!
Speaking of which....
T-MINUS 5 DAYS UNTIL GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We’re excited.
Eder is progressing. We had another lesson with him this week about the Restoration. It went well. He needs to come to church, which is tricky, because of work, but we'll help him get there. Also, now he's living in Limoeiro, so he needs to start meeting the missionaries and members there. But our District leader said when he's here in Carpina, we can still teach him. He's always back and forth between Limoeiro and Carpina.
Aaaaannnnnd that's about it. Oh here's an excerpt from my letter to president. I'm learning a lot about charity this week:

This week in Carpina went well in some aspects, and others we want to improve.  The highlights of the week were Camilla’s baptism, and being able to mark the baptism of another young woman named Dominik.  We love them both so much and know they will be powerful servants of the Lord.  We are already teaching Camilla’s mom, and hope to mark her for baptism today.  We are teaching Dominik’s family as well.  We noticed this week that we were having a lot of difficulty finding new people to teach.  We noticed that we were teaching when finding and finding when teaching, but that for one reason or another, we didn’t or couldn’t mark a specific date to return, thus preventing them from being classified as a new investigator.  One of these reasons, I realizes as I studied today, was that I was seeing these people as they were, and not as they could become.  I wasn’t loving them enough, having enough charity, and therefore not marking another lesson because I didn’t think they would progress.  We made some goals, and studied together and made a plan to follow up with every new person we teach at least once, have at least one more lesson with them before we decide to continue or not, and really work to show our love and the Savior’s love for them.

Love and beijos [kisses] from Brasil! Happy October! :D
Love, Sister Hicken

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