Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So This Week Was a Mixed Bag

September 22, 2014

So this week was a mixed bag. We are thrilled with Camila's progress, and are planning her baptism for this week (It was gonna be on Saturday, but now looks like it will have to be on Sunday because of building cleaning issues. But it will still happen this week. *To self* just breathe. Just breeeathe). She is very excited!
Other cool thing was our lesson with Eder this week. Not sure if I told about him before, but he was a contact that we made on the street who came to a church activity. He's been looking for the church that is closest to the truth for years now. We had a lesson with him with Bro. Maurício, and taught him about the Book of Mormon. He had a ton of questions, but they were sincere, inquiring questions, not aimed at debating, but understanding. He fully intends to be baptized if he truly feels that it is true. He had other questions about the Trinity, and I can't remember what else, but the restored doctrine really resonated with him. He also came to our English class, and has already read what we marked for him in the Book of Mormon, just needs to pray and ask about it. We are sad because he is moving to Limoeiro, another city about half an hour from here. But for now, he is still living here in Carpina, so we'll continue to teach him for a while longer.
Cristina and Dominik came to church this week! A mother and daughter that we've been visiting for a while (always someone different was home haha, and the other daughter has already been to church). We were so excited. When we visited them this week, I felt impressed to emphasize the invitation to come to church. They are passing through some very hard trials right now, and I felt impressed to tell them that Heavenly Father had answers and blessings waiting for them if they came to church. It seemed like all the talks and lessons were focused on their needs this week. It was incredible. We're excited to go back this week and hear what they thought.
We lost or are losing several investigators this week :( Dalva will be moving likely to the other sisters' area, Eduarda is moving to another city, and Eriwelton has no desire to learn more about the gospel :( faca no coração! [knife in the heart] :( But so it goes. We continue to pray that they'll be able to be baptized.
SOOO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fantastic, because our investigators who are not able to come to church on Sunday morning have 3 other times that they can come and visit, and hear the PROPHET speak! How can you hear the prophet of the Lord speak and not feel the Spirit testify that this Church is true? Quase impossível. [Almost impossible]
In other news, I had to scoop out a dead cockroach from a cup in our sink the other day with a fork, and put it in the trash. For reals. I have picture evidence. Also, the other day I killed a tiny spider with my hand. Dad, I hope you're proud of me :)
Love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week! :)
Sister Hicken

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  1. Your families' photos with the snake, your experiences with cockroaches and spiders...
    quite the week of new experiences for the Hickens! Snakes and cockroaches and spiders, Oh My!!