Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Christmas in August!

September 1, 2014

I really need to write out the things that happened during the week before I sit down to write, because I never know where to start!

Oooh I know. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR PACKAGES!!!!!!!! :DDDDD I got a birthday package in the mail, and also a Christmas package with some very adorable APRONS!!!!! [Editor's Note:  These aprons were last Fall and mailed by November 9, 2013.  Just days after mailing the aprons Camille told us that we had been given the wrong address.  Needless to say, the aprons did not arrive by Christmas.  They were assumed MIA.  They showed up back in the States at the end of May 2014 much to our surprise.  So they got sent off to Brazil again by the second week of June 2014.  They finally arrived in Brazil the end of August 2014.  It only took 8 months.  Merry Christmas, Camille!]  We took apron pictures :) I am trying to send them, but the pictures are still having problems. I may have to buy a new memory card after all.  And thank you thank you thank you for the goodies! I was very excited to get new shirts! It changes the whole wardrobe!!! And I loooved the pictures :) and the candy and peanut butter. OHHH and the shoes. They have saved my feet. They are perfect, and arrived just in time. My other ones are pretty sad. I took a picture comparing them :) So thank you thank you thank you!!!! Oh, also, I saw the rest of the party pics. And it was sooooo cute! I can't believe you went and borrowed a lighter at 10 at night to light the candles! Hahahaha and everyone's pictures turned out soo cute, Captain America, pandy and teddy, the TARDIS, the Brazilian flag. You guys are the coolest :) I felt very loved. 

Camille's Chocolate Birthday cake made and eaten in her honor by her family in Thailand.  It only has lit candles due to the kindness of a guard in the lobby of their apartment building who lent out his cigarette lighter so the candles could be lit.

SO report from this week. We have been finding some neat new people. On Tuesday we met Eder, when we were contacting in the street. He was very nice, and marked an appointment with us, but on the day of the appointment he wasn't there. We called and he was in another city, and had been waiting for us to call and confirm. But when we invited him to the church activity that night, he came! The Elders Quorum president sat next to him, and showed him around the church, and we talked with him, and he said that he was a member of 2 other churches in the past, but for the past 2 years he's been praying to find the right religion. GOLDEN!!! The only problem is that he works on Sundays so couldn't come to church, but said he would try to take one off to come.  We marked another appointment with him, and left the 1st pamphlet with him, and invited him to read and pray. He also may come to our English class next week! Woohoo!

We also taught Claudio, a referral from a member, and it went super well with him. We taught him about the restoration, and invited him to be baptized. He didn't accept right away, said he wants to get to know the church better, but said that he felt really good about what we taught, and wanted to come back and learn more. He was all set to come to the activity and church with Erick, our LMA, but ended up having to work as well. Coming to church is the hardest part for people. 

We have two cute young women marked for baptism on the 28th of September:  Eduarda and Camila. Camila, not sure if I already told about her, but she's the Bishop's cousin, and has been coming on and off to church for a while, but just recently we asked her if she wanted to be baptized, and she said yes! She has been coming every week, and we've been teaching her, and she has been progressing so much. She has been reading the Book of Mormon every day for the past few months, and the Young Women’s president says she answers questions during class like a girl who's grown up in the church. Please pray that her mother will support her decision to be baptized. Her dad is fine with it. We are praying for the direction on the right way to approach the situation. 

MY PRODIGAL DAUGHTER RETURNED! Sister Fortes got transferred to our zone as sister training leader with Sister Seidmann, and got to do a division with us on Friday. It was sooo cool. I am amazed to see her progress, and it was so great to be able to teach together and talk with everyone, and laugh our guts out :) She is a crack-up. I love that woman. She was born with a missionary spirit, and was able to help me identify some things to help me improve. 

We had a ward activity this Friday, a talent show. For a tiny ward, there was a good turn out. It was interesting in some parts, but turned out pretty well, and we had four investigators there! One of them, Camila, participated. Also, our investigator, Erick, played and sang The Scientist, by Coldplay, in English! He always comes to the activities, but not to church. But we continue to pray for him, and always invite him. 

Well, I think I'll wrap up now to be able to read individual emails. Thank you all for your love and prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Hicken

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