Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soundtrack for the Week: Cheesy 80s Song

August 4, 2014

É difícil dizer.....adeus e partir.... 
(It’s hard to say goodbye and leave)

We've been singing that song all week. It's that cheesy 80s song from Together Forever, that church DVD from the 80s. Super, super 80s. But yeah, the song about how it's hard to say goodbye, but we can be together forever! I actually don't know the words in English. But anyways, there have been a lot of goodbyes in Carpina this week! Sister Marques finished her mission, and Sister Fuoco was transferred. And Sister Kohtz and I will be training...again haha! I will receive my greenie tomorrow. I honestly didn't see that coming, but I’m excited, and I know that President Bigelow receives revelation specifically for each missionary. I will go and do! 

Let's see...what all happened this week. Sister Marques was sick on Tuesday, poor thing :( she's better now. Wednesday we went to the temple, and it was lovely. I love, love, love the temple. It was just us and our district leader and his comp because he's also going home this week. Missionaries who haven't been to the temple in 3 months or more and who are going home get to go to the temple their last week. This week is the week of our zone, haha, so I get to go again! 

We met some neat people this week. We have been teaching this 15 year old named Dominik, and had a cool experience with her a couple weeks ago teaching her about the book of Mormon. We invited her to read and pray and ask God as usual, but she said that inviting her to ask God made her really want to read it. She had thought the book was kind of strange, but was intrigued by our invitation, and said she would read and pray. We hadn't been able to get a hold of her this week, but one day found her mom, who also has potencial! Their only difficulty is coming to church. It is so hard to get people to come to church. But when we do our part, the Lord works miracles. Vamos lá!

Sister Fuoco and Sister Kohtz invited one of their investigators who plays guitar to play a special number for their baptism this week, and asked me to sing too. We sisters worked out something really cool. The words to Praise to the Lord in Portuguese fit perfectly with the tune to "Hallelujah", so we worked out an arrangement, and I sang it with their investigator on the guitar. It was SO COOL. Also, they gave him the music to Come Thou Fount, and he worked out an arrangement super fast, and we four sang that with him on the guitar. After the baptism, we recorded both, and I have them, but they're too big to send. It’ll have to wait 8 more months. Haha, but it was very, very cool. 

Ummmm I think that's about it. This week is gonna be crazy. We’re staying in Recife until Wednesday. 

Mom, sorry my time is up, I will respond to questions next week. Forwarded some pictures, hope they went through. 

Love you all very much. I know the Lord lives and loves us, and answers our prayers. 

Love, Sister Hicken

Mission Leadership Council with new mission President Bigelow and Sister Bigelow

Last Conference with President and Sister Lanius

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