Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Exactly 11 Months on the Mission Today!

August 11, 2014

Hello all! 

This will be a short one, there's not a ton to report on and I don't have much time, but to begin with, I received my new companion! Her name is Sister Muñoz, and she's from Argentina. She's 19, and came straight from the MTC de Brasil. She's really awesome, already speaks Portuguese really well, and is ready to learn. We're doing really well together. I'm gonna send an excerpt of my email to President:

''This week has been a crazy one, with transfers and going to the temple, and starting training, but it has been very good. It is incredible to feel the difference between training now, with 11 months, and training with only 4. It is still stressful, and challenging, but I feel much more prepared to teach my trainee, and lead in the area, because I have more experience, just like you said. Sister Muñoz is awesome. She is ready to learn, and likes to participate. Even though she feels nervous sometimes to teach or make a contact, she does it anyways. I am very impressed with that. She doesn't let fear hold her back. She speaks Portuguese very well already, and we are learning and growing together :) Right now we are trying to find new people to teach. We are praying and working for that. But the ward is great, and is giving references, and supporting our recent converts and teaching with us. I have faith that we will be able to find the people the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel. ''

Because of the new missionaries arriving on Tuesday and then temple on Wednesday, we arrived in Carpina late Wednesday night. So the week has been short, but we've worked hard. Saturday night I felt prompted to stop by Dominik one last time (we haven't been able to get a hold of her) and sure enough she was there. We taught her and her sister and her boyfriend about the Restoration, and they paid attention, and Dominik at the end was like "Wow. I have got to pray about this." She read what we marked for her in the Book of Mormon, but hadn't prayed about it, so this time we recommitted her to pray, and we'll see how it goes this Thursday. 

Other cool thing-at the end of church, this kid passed by and asked one brother if it was starting, and he said no it just ended and he started to walk away but the brother had him come in, and chatted with him, introduced him to us, and showed him the church. This kid, Ronaldo, is wanting to follow Christ because he sees that the time is coming for his return. He seemed really receptive. We're going to teach him this week with Bro. Mauricio. 

That's about it for the week! Love you all! Happy Father's Day (here in Brazil haha :) 
Sister Hicken

Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!  It didn't let me send the pictures!!!!! Gahhhh. I have to get this stupid memory card fixed. Grrr. I cannot believe this. I tried to send 4 pics just now and they ALL failed. So sorry, I’m gonna fix this right now.

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