Tuesday, July 1, 2014

They Like Corn...Lots and Lots of Corn!

June 30, 2014

BOM DIA people!
Happy 4th of July! I will be celebrating with fireworks here, as Brazil will be playing that day.
Okey doke, let's see what happened this week.
Monday and Saturday, Brazil played. When that happens, we have to be home half an hour before the game starts, and if it's at night, we can't go out again. On Saturday it was during the afternoon, so we were able to have another lesson at night. On Tuesday was São João. Forgot to tell about São João. During the entire month of June, they have parties and bonfires and festivals. It's actually really cute, cuz it's basically a harvest festival sort of thing, with square dancing, and corn on the cob and other food made with corn, and lots and lots of corn. They like corn. This holiday is supposedly related to some Catholic saint, but nobody remembers who he is or what he did, they just have parties. The actual holiday was on Tuesday, but they have parties during the entire month.
So it's been an interesting week with these things going on, but we really took advantage of every minute that we could work, and have been seeing the blessings. Remember Rose? She is better than I have ever seen her. When we visited her on Thursday, she said that after our last visit, she had more curiosity to read the Book of Mormon, and told us that she knew she couldn't quit smoking by herself. She had tried and she knew it wouldn't work, so she planned to pray every night, read the Book of Mormon every day, a little bit, and go to church that Sunday. This is what SHE said to US. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. We are so excited for her. She is down to just 2 cigarettes per day. It is not easy for her. But she is really progressing. Please pray for her! She didn't end up going to church this Sunday, so that was disappointing, but she is reading the Book of Mormon, and doing her best to resist temptation. We talked with her son, Tony, a recent convert, that if he wants his mom to be baptized, he needs to set an example for her, and also have faith that she can change, and help her with this change. It went really well. Our goal is that he can baptize her this Sunday.
Erick turned 18 on Emma's birthday! So he could technically be baptized now without his mom's permission, but we both feel that that would not be wise. We are working and praying for his mom's heart to be softened. Also we are praying to help him gain a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. We have been focusing on the Book of Mormon with him. He came to church this week, and got to see a baptism, so that was cool. He is moving to another state, most likely in August, so if he is going to be baptized, it has to be this transfer! We have faith that it is possible, and are seeking the Lord's guidance on what to do to help him.
I am learning the importance of exact obedience, and seeing and feeling the guidance of the Spirit more in my work these past few weeks. It is incredible how when we do our best, even if we feel inadequate, if we do our absolute best, the Lord works miracles through us, his imperfect servants.
This week we hit 6 months until Christmas! Woo! I got my companions hooked on David Archuleta, but the only music we have of him is Christmas music, (Sister Marques has some songs from the MoTab Christmas concert with him.A!) so it's Christmas every day here.
Ohh! I forgot to tell about the transfers! They were last week. Things stayed the same in Carpina, but we got 4 new sisters in our zone, so thankfully presidente called another set of sister training leaders. Have to go. My time is up, but next time I will tell more about our responsibilities. Also, hug Emma for me and tell her I wish her a fantastic birthday and a Hogwarts letter in the mail ;)

Alrighty I have to go, but I love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week!
Love you muito muito muito!
Sister Hicken

 Sister and Brother Paulsen, Sister Hicken, and Sister Marques

The Paulsens came to Carpina this week to give a fireside on eternal marriage, and me and my companion were part of a musical number that a few of the members put together, so Presidente gave us permission to go. It was so neat to see them!

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