Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baptism by Candlelight

July 30, 2014

BATIIIIIIIIISMOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys, the best baptism of my life this week. Here is an excerpt of my letter to President:

"This week has been incredible! Our investigator, Rose, was finally baptized! It has been quite the fight for her to quit smoking, but she finally did it, and was baptized on Saturday, along with 2 other women from the other sisters. The power went out in the chapel just before the baptism at 5, so we set up some chairs in the parking lot, and had the baptism by candlelight. But it was actually very neat. It brought a different, more reverent spirit to the baptism. The Spirit was very strong. And Rose was so happy. I couldn't stop smiling. "

I am so so so proud of Rose. She really understands the covenant of baptism, and has the sincere desire to serve the Lord for the rest of her life. She is such an amazing example to me. Also, she says thank you for all the prayers. I told her she has people all over the world praying for her :) So yes, she was baptized on Saturday, by candlelight. We had prayed all week that these women would be able to feel the Spirit strongly at their baptism and that they would always remember that day and what they felt. Well, it was a baptism they will never forget. But it was exactly what we and they needed. She was confirmed yesterday, along with Fabiana and Pamela. In one year, she and Tony could be sealed as a family (Tony is her son, not her husband). AHHH! :)))

We are going to the temple today. That’s why I’m 2 days late, cuz our pday was switched to today. It’ll be that way next week too haha, cuz our zone will go. So expect me on Wednesday. It's Sister Marques' last week! Next week is transfers. This past week I had an interview with President Bigelow, and it was sooo fantastic. I love President Bigelow. He reminds me a lot of Dad. He is so inspired, and said exactly what I needed. 
Also, everyone was sick this week at home except for me, and I felt strongly that that was as a result of your guys' prayers. Thank you for your prayers. 

Gonna respond to individual emails now, so gonna sign off. But I love you all and thank you thank you thank you for your prayers!

Oh, thank you G & G Harbrecht for your lovely birthday card! I loved what you shared about the Ebenezer stone! So cool! I never knew what that meant. I’m going to translate that article into Portuguese to be able to share :)

Love you all!

Sister Hicken

Batismo!!  Sister Fuoco and Sister Kohtz with their two sisters who got baptized, and Sister Hicken, Rose, and Sister Marques.  Happy Day!

Sister Marques, Sister Hicken, Rose, and her son, Tony

And now for some random pictures from Camille's memory card.  Some of these are pretty old.  Enjoy!

I think this got sent because it looks like this candy is Truffles of Nose...
Sister Rocha, Sister Hicken, Sister Fuoco, and Sister Perez at the Recife LDS Temple.

Sister Kohtz and Sister Hicken

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