Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grilled Seagull Tastes Like Chicken...and Karma

June 9, 2014

So the biggest news of the week is that Sister Kohtz got emergency transferred. We were pretty shocked, cuz it came out of nowhere. We got the call from the zone leaders last night. We're pretty sure she'll be going to Limoeiro (still in our zone) and will be Sister Rocha's new companion. Not sure who my new companion will be. She will arrive today at 4:30. Gahhh! It's so weird, we weren't even together a month! I'm gonna miss Sister Kohtz! 

This week was really good in some ways but disappointing in others. All three people who had committed to baptism for this Saturday fell through. The couple who came to church last week didn't like it because it was too quiet. They’re used to noise and shouting and praising like in other churches. We tried the best we could to help them, but they don't want to come back. Erick, was all set, he even had the interview, but got cold feet. He has friends who are saying stuff about the church and he has a lot of doubts that he wants to resolve, but he hasn't given up, just wants more time. We're doing our best and following the Spirit to know the best way to help him. Today we're doing a fast with him to help him feel what is right. 

Oh, some news I’ve been meaning to tell for a while about Gravatá. One lady that sister Fortes and I taught, Maria, was baptized about a month ago! And last week, one of the young girls we taught, Clivia, (cousin of Rosinha) was baptized as well! Also Ermesson finally got a calling, he's 2nd counselor in the Young Men's presidency :))))

Other news I’ve been meaning to share for a while- 2 weeks ago I ate grilled seagull. It tasted like chicken. And KARMA. Hahahahahahaa.............(for those that don't know, seagulls and I have an eternal enmity, that began in the premortal existence). 

[Editor's Note:  There's a very funny family story about Camille swinging a jacket around in the air like a helicopter blade to fight off a seagull who was trying to eat a slice of pizza in her other hand.  Another sneaky seagull dove down and stole the pizza right out of her hand while she was swinging her jacket at the other seagull.  She has despised them ever since.]

The World Cup starts this week. Brazil plays on Thursday, and we're not allowed to leave the house. Let the fun begin :P

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Pray for America to lose every soccer game so they don't beat us up in the streets! Haha, kidding mom. Tchau!

Sister Hicken

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