Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brazil During the World Cup...It's Crazy

June 17, 2014

Pday was switched to today because there will be a World Cup game today and so we have to stay home after 4 p.m,. and so they just made it Pday, and we worked yesterday.

So I'm gonna make this a quickie! My new companion is Sister Marques!!!!! She's awesome! From São Paulo, and this next transfer will be her last! She's 20, and is studying nursing. I love her! She and I are the new Sister Training Leaders. Yikes! This week is going to be crazy hahaha. Sister Kohtz is now in Limoeiro with Sister Rocha! They are still in our zone. 

This week we did a lot of knocking on doors, looking for new investigators. Erick is coming along. We talked with his mom, and she doesn't want him to be baptized for the foreseeable future, but I still am feeling like we should not give up on him. He has a lot of doubts, but all these doubts are rooted in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. If he can gain a testimony of these things, everything else will fall into place. We are doing our best, and exercising our faith, and praying a LOT for him. He'll be moving in August, so we have until then to baptize him!

The World Cup. I thought Americans were super patriotic.... haha..... well I had never been to Brazil.... during the World Cup. Holy moly. The first game started at 5, and we had to be indoors at 2:30, because of pre-game festivities and stuff. And when the game started, we could hear exactly what was going on because every time Brazil scored, there was cheering, and illegal fireworks that are legal here but really annoying. EVERYONE stops everything to watch the game. It's crazy.
Sorry this is super short this week, I’ll share more next week. Love you guys! As Sister Rodrigues says, "Keep calm and pray and fast" :)  I pray for you guys every night! Love you! Sorry it was quick today, but I’ll write more next week!

Sister Hicken

It's already the half-way mark.  9 months left!

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