Monday, March 24, 2014

We're Crazy Chicks Here in This Coop

Legal legal que dia legal! [Editor's Note:  This means something like cool day...not exactly sure though.]

Bom dia gente!

This week was LOOOUCA [crazy].  There was a lot that happened this week, the most exciting being that we marked Andreia's baptism for the 30th! Andreia, I don't remember if I already told about her, but we talked with her on the street a while back, and went to her house and taught her. She seemed sort of interested but not a ton. We weren't able to go back for a while later, but when we went back, she was super happy, and came to church that week and loved it. She recently separated from her boyfriend, and when we visited her this week, she said she wanted to give up drinking for good. She never wanted to drink ever again). So we asked her if she would like to be able to start again, and be able to be forgiven of all her sins, and leave them in the past, and she said she would love that. So we taught her about baptism and how we can be born again and our sins can be erased, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized! She came to church this week, and we have a lesson with her tonight. She is amazing. I admire her so much. She is living alone, but she says she's not really alone because she knows God has been with her and is answering her prayers. She has so much faith. Please pray for her, that everything will work out for her to be baptized this week!

We also had Betania come to church this week, and she really liked it too. Leo and Jaqueline were supposed to meet with us on Saturday and then they called and cancelled, and we weren't able to get ahold of them on the phone. We passed by and marked with them for this Wednesday.

Wednesday we went to the temple!!!! It was so lovely. Going to the temple is like charging up your batteries. I love the temple. OH! And I was praying to be able to find Elder and Sister Paulsen in the temple and I hadn't been able to and as we were leaving, there was a lady by the door, and it was Sister Paulsen, and I was like "Hi, I think I’m related to you." She took us to Elder Paulsen, and we all talked for a few minutes and it was really cool! He said Grandpa had told them I would be coming. It was very neat. I hope at some point I can get a picture with them. When we left the temple, SISTER ROIG was waiting for us!!!!!!! She is in the area of the temple, and asked the assistants if we could stay overnight with her instead of wherever else we were going to stay :) So we got to talk and catch each other up on things, and it was soooo fun!!!!

Thursday was zone conference, and it was awesome. We got some great counsel from Pres. and Sis. Lanius, and our hymn turned out pretty good. It started off kind of rough, but it worked out. After the zone conference, we went and got mail from the mission office and I had a package from G & G Hicken!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I have been enjoying the goodies all week :) I'm going to make the brownies for our district meeting tomorrow. And I have introduced my companion to m & m’s and Reese’s and Milky Way, and now she says she must marry an American because she cannot live without this candy. Thank you so much!!!! It made my week :))))

After the zone conference we headed back home, and didn't make it back until 8:30. It is not fun to ride public transit. We were exhausted.

Annnnnd yeah. That’s about it from this week. OH, I would like to close with a poetic masterpiece from Sister Dana that I found on my pillow this week:

For Sister Chicken-
Oh I am so very lucky
To have you for a pal, dear CLUCKY!
Of chicken baked, boiled, fried
You're the best one I have tried.
We're crazy chicks here in this coop
But we sure make one egg-cellent group!
Gosto muito desta galinha (I like this chicken very much)
E fico feliz ela e amiga minha! (And I’m happy she's my friend!)

That's about it from Gravatá. Hope you have a wonderful week! I love you and pray for you! Thank you for your love and support and prayers!

Love, Sister Hicken

Me and Sister Roig       

My Mission Family Tree:  My daughter (Sister Fortes), Me, My Mom (Sister Roig), My Grandma (Sister Roig's Trainer), and my Great-Grandma (Sister Roig's Trainer's Trainer!)

Me and Sister Fortes at the Brazil Recife Temple

Our district at the Brazil Recife Temple

One of our recent converts, Eduarda.  She's only 16.  I love her so much!!  She's the only member of the church in her family, but she comes to seminary and to church and she's growing so much!  She's amazing!

My visiting teaching companion, Rosilda, and her daughter, a future sister missionary, Cecilia.  I love these ladies!

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