Monday, March 31, 2014

Staircase to Shelob's Lair from LOTR, But Way Less Green and Sound of Music-y

March 31, 2014

A missionary is never late…nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to! ish. It’s been a crazy p-day!

We went to Caruaru this p-day (where our district meetings are) because they have this GIGANTIC open fair market thing like in Thailand, and lots of clothes for super cheap. So we went there super early this morning and then went with the other sisters to this giant Costco like store (COSTCO!!!!) and then came back and now came and did emails. I got several plain shirts to wear underneath things, or to match with whatever, a cute shirt, a really cute skirt, and 2 football jersey shorts, one from the team from Recife, and one that said Chelsea on it! I wanted to give it to one of the kids as a souvenir, just not sure if that's something they're interested in. if they don't want it, I’ll look for something else and use the shorts myself. I didn't bring my camera, because Sister Dana warned me that there were pickpocketers, and not to bring anything you don't want stolen. But I’ll try to take pictures of what I bought. I’ll try to send other pictures in a sec. 

One does not simply walk into Mordor. They have to play a game of real life Frogger to get there! More on that in a sec. 

This week was a challenging one. We have a lot of people with potential right now, but for one reason or another, they are not progressing. Andreia's baptism fell through. She called us to her house the night before her interview and said that after talking to her boss (who is like her second mom) she decided she didn't want to get baptized right away, and wanted more time to get to know the church before she made any decisions. Sigh. So we talked with her for a while, and about some of her concerns, and hopefully we'll set another date this week. She feels that it's right, but is having trouble giving up little things like coffee. But she came to church on Sunday, and is making friends with the members, so though we were disappointed, we love Andreia, and are happy with the progress she has made already. Please pray for her!

We have another amazing investigator named Maria, who has a date set for April 13th. She is just amazing. She has 4 daughters by blood, who are all grown up, and one little 5 year old that she adopted because the parents were terrible, and she had nowhere else to go. She wants sooo much to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ. She loves it when we come because she says she feels so much peace with us that she never ever felt before. We are so excited for her. Please pray that she will be able to come to church this week! 

Our other investigators flaked out on our lessons this week, so we've been doing a lot of knocking on doors. Not much else to report. 

Oh, except for the referral we got from the other sisters. It was in a neighborhood on the other side of the highway that we never go to, called Alpes Suiço. It is a bit of a hike from our house (but then again our entire area is that way), but the sisters said this woman really wanted the sisters to visit, so we went to go try and find it. As we were walking I realized something. "How funny," I thought. "They named the neighborhood the Swiss Alps!" My chuckles turned to tears however, when we arrived at this GIGANTIC valley. We asked someone if they knew where Leide lived, and she pointed to the other side of this super steep gorge. We had to climb down the hill, and then climb up the other side. Like Swiss Alps was being kind. It was more like that super steep staircase to Shelob's lair from LOTR. Way less green and Sound of Music-y and a lot more steep and death-like (I’m exaggerating, mom). So we got up the hill and asked for Leide, and the daughter was like, "Oh yeah, she's down there on the other side," of the canyon we had just crossed. So we went back the way we came, and talked with Leide and her daughter, and they seem fantastic. The other sisters had helped her out, and she loved them and was so impressed, and wanted to come to church. She didn't end up going, not sure what happened, but we have an appointment with her this Friday. And we'll probably start teaching more people there too. Missionaries have never gone there before, so all the people wanted to talk us. It was really cool! But my legs were DYING when we got back home. 

In other news, Sister Fortes saved a kitten from becoming road pizza this week. Woohoo!!!!
There's a little gift store of handmade things from Gravatá that I want to pass by this week. I’m feeling like I’m going to be transferred. And Sister Fortes will train. I’m gonna have grandbabies! :D

This computer won't let me send pictures :((((   I'll have to send you a double batch next week. 

I love you all and miss you and thank you for your prayers! Hope you are all safe and happy and healthy! I love yooou! I have to sign off now! Next week I probably won't be on at the regular time because of transfers, but I will be on. Hugs and kisses to everyone! Happy April Fool's Day! 

Love, Sister Hicken

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