Monday, March 17, 2014

Gold and Leprechauns and Rainbows to You!

March 17, 2014


Bom dia people! Hope things are starting to warm up a little wherever you are! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope your day is filled with gold and leprechauns and rainbows. 

ANYways, so this week was better than last week. We had several cool things happen. One was that one of the members of the other ward called to give us a reference and wanted to visit her with us that night. This member, Daline, one of the young women, works in a store, and there was a woman who would always come, and they would talk, and one day the lady, Betania, asked if she had a Bible, and Daline told her about the Book of Mormon, and offered to get one for her.   Betania accepted, but wanted someone to explain to her what it was, so Daline called the missionaries! We went there, and did what the mission calls, "oraçao de poder" or prayer of power. We ask the investigator what they would ask of Jesus Christ if he were here, (like if they have a sick family member, or are passing through some trial) and then we write it down, and pray specifically for that thing. The Spirit was very strong. We introduced the Book of Mormon to her, and invited her to read and pray about it, and she was very excited. She accepted the invitation to be baptized, and is so excited for us to come back. She said she liked the feeling and peace that we brought to her house, that it was like a light had come into her house. We'll have a lesson with her this Thursday! 

Also, we had a lesson with Leo, and Jaqueline couldn't come, but Larissa came! (Not sure if you guys remember but Larissa is the girl who is SO ready to be baptized, but her parents won't let her. She's dating Leo) We had planned something different, but gave a review of the plan of salvation for Larissa because she wasn't there the last time, and she had a bunch of really great questions.  We ended up spending the whole time answering her and Leo's questions. It was amazing. 

We tried to mark 4 baptisms this week and all of them fell through. Rayza won't be able to be baptized until she turns 18. Her parents won't let her. But she won't give up, and knows this is what the Lord wants her to do so we'll stay in contact with her, and keep inviting her to things. She has at least a year I think before she turns 18. Leo, Jaqueline, and Janaena will be out of town next week, and maybe the week after. Ggaaahhhhhhh :P

Let's see, what else happened.....oh, Sister Lanius asked me to organize a musical number for our zone for zone conference this Thursday. We sisters are going to sing More Holiness Give Me, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and with some cool harmonies. Fingers crossed that it goes well!

OH! Ermesson is going to receive the Melchizedek (sorry forgot how to spell it) Priesthood this week!!!!!! 

We had a really cool Integration Night planned and only 6 people came :P

There’s supposed to be an apostle coming to our region in May to do training for the leaders, and we missionaries mmaaayyyy get to meet with him. Not sure who it is yet. 

Going to the temple this week! I'll keep my eyes open for President Poulsen! :)

Love you all and hope you are well! You are in my prayers! 

Love, Sister Hicken

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