Monday, January 13, 2014

When Last We Met, I Was But the Learner, But Now I Am the Master!

January 13, 2014

When last we met, I was but the learner,

Yes, I have been called to train a new Padawan. I’m excited and more than a little nervous. (In truth, I was praying to not have to train yet). But I know that whom the Lord calls the Lord qualifies. I have received this call because the Lord trusts me. I am humbled at this opportunity He has given me to teach a new missionary and take care of His children in Gravatá.
So this week was slowwww. We have a small teaching group right now (group of investigators), around 14 or 15. We need to find new people. That will mean a lot of knocking on doors. We have several really great investigators right now, but their progress is slow. We finally set a date with Vitoria for baptism-the 26th of January, and also her niece for the same date. We hadn’t thought Rayza was very interested, because she doesn’t come to church. We’ve taught her many times, and she’s praying and reading the Book of Mormon, but never came to church with Vitoria so we thought she wasn’t interested.  But she stayed for our lesson with Vitoria, and we invited them both to be baptized, and they accepted! What we found out is that her parents are Catholic and discourage her from attending our church. But they’re great people, and we’re going to have a Family Home evening with them this week. Pray for Vitoria and Rayza, that everything will go smoothly leading up to their baptisms, and that they will continue reading and praying.
Larisa’s parents still won’t let her come to church, but we met with her and her mom, with the YW president and her husband, who is the Elders Quorum President. She explained the youth program to Rita, Larisa’s mom, and they both bore their testimonies about the gospel, and families, and how the Church only supports and strengthens families, and helps the youth come closer to God and their families. It was perfect. Afterwards Susana, the YW president invited Larisa to the YW activity that night, but her mom said she’d have to talk to her dad first. Gahhhhh....So this Sunday we’re going to try to meet with the dad as well, and go with Bishop. He’s already met Larisa, and we’re hoping if we can settle any doubts that the dad has, meet with him in person, that he will feel more at ease with the Church, and let her go. Pray for Larisa’s family too!
Thank you for your prayers and fasts for the Rodrigues family. They are doing better. Ermesson taught our weekly English class last Wednesday, and it was really awesome. Rosa is still very very sad, but it is incredible the amount of faith she has. It astounds me every time. We go to their house to teach them, offer some words of comfort, and every time she ends up teaching us something. She is amazing! Roberta is doing better too, and Thais is fantastic as always.
This Sunday we received the call that Sister Roig is being transferred and I am going to train! Sister Remy was transferred too. So last night we packed everyone’s bags and this morning headed to Recife. We had the transfer meeting, and Sister Roig is now in the area of the temple. I will miss her! She made me promise I would visit her in Buenos Aires haha. Sister Rodrigues got Sister Dana, another American sister, and I will stay here another 2 days to pick up my new companion. Tomorrow the new sisters will arrive, but Presidente won’t assign companionships until Wednesday. So today I am with Sister Gomes, another sister who will be training, and we are doing p-day here in her area. And then tomorrow we’ll go and meet the new sisters, receive another temporary companion, stay another night in a different house in Recife, and then Wednesday we’ll receive our new "daughter" and head back to our areas. It’s gonna be a fun couple of days. Sooo by this time next week I’ll have a report on my new greenie! I’m almost positive she’ll be Brasilera, but not 100%. Oh, Mom, I met Sister Clarke! It was just quick, but she remembered you, and it was cool to finally meet her.
Welllllll....... I think that’s it. That’s all that I can think of for now. Thank you for all your prayers and love and support!  I hope you are all staying warm! All the crazy snow and -50 temperatures has made the news here in Brazil. Everyone keeps telling me it’s super cold in your country! Aaaahh.....boy did I pick a good year to come to sunny, warm Brazil. ANYways, I love you and miss you and pray for you!  Until next week!

Sister Hicken

Picture with President Lanius, Sister Remy, Sister Rodrigues, Sister Roig, and Me at Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Elf Sister Hicken and Elf Sister Roig.

Sister Roig and me with Rosinha and Erick on Christmas.

Bruno's Baptism

This is where we live!

Sister Rodrigues, Sister Remy, Irmao Lemos, his wife Je, Sister Roig, and me.  Irmao Lemos was a translator for general authorities for many, many years.  He knows a TON about the gospel!

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