Monday, December 2, 2013

We had 1 baptism and 3 investigators at church this week!!

December 2, 2013

Hi mom!

I’ll try to answer some of your questions today. Something very important---do you remember which address you sent the packages to? In the call, it has an address for letters and a different address for packages. I found out yesterday that the address for packages is wrong. Send everything to the letter address---

Sister Camille Dhara Hicken
Brazil Recife Mission
Rua Das Ninfas 30
Boa Vista- Recife- PE
50070-050 Brazil
My companion just told me this yesterday. I am soooooo frustrated. It’s been wrong for a long time, and no one has fixed it, and no one said ANYTHING when I arrived. The assistants know, I assume president knows, and they didn’t say anything!!!!!!!! Ahhhhçaahhhhhhhhh. I am learning patience this week whether I want to or not. So I’m not sure which you sent things to, but be sure to let people know.
I did, however receive your packet of letters this week!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh it made my week. I love you guys! I’m gonna add your pictures to the packet from Sarah Jane. I also had dearelder letters from Amy, and Aunt Anna.
We had one baptism this week! Ermesson was baptized on Thursday. Ahhh it was perfect! We were soo excited :) Thais wasn’t baptized because she wants him to baptize her, and he can’t receive the holy ghost and the priesthood in the same Sacrament Meeting.  Ghahhhhh! That was a long hairy hassle to get that figured out. It seemed like everyone was doing their best to impede the baptisms! Gahhh. So she has a date now for Friday the 13th :D haha.
We also had 3 investigators at church this week! That was a first. It is so hard to get people to church. We had Luciane and her granddaughter Luana, who we met knocking on doors this week. It turned out Luana already knew several members of our church, and a friend had given her a Book of Mormon. She is great. She’s 18. Her grandma is great too, but doesn’t quite understand things as fast.  (For example, we showed the Joseph Smith restoration video, and what she got out of it is that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, and a random boat in the background was Noah’s ark. Face palm.) But they both came to church and really liked it! They had to leave before Sacrament Meeting, and then Vitoria came. She was a reference from the bishop, that we discovered Sister Roig had already talked to on the phone. The missionaries are teaching her sister in Recife, and Vitoria was interested, but was living in Recife and was moving here to Gravatá. Sister Roig called her to get her address, but she didn't have it yet, so we didn't have a way to visit her. Then a few weeks later the bishop gave us a reference, and it was her! She’s awesome. She is truly searching for the truth. And she finally came to church here! She went to church in Recife many times, and finally came here. We were so thrilled!  Especially since last Monday we had a FHE with her and Rayza her niece at a member's house that they are friends with. We were giving a short message about the Book of Mormon.  We have another one tonight. Please pray that it goes well. We invited more people including the bishop so fingers crossed, but I still am very nervous.
This week has been a real challenge. We’ve had some really good things happen, but also some really really not good things. We felt like we needed another P-day after the first one.
But on the upside, we now have hot water!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!  Praise the heavens.
Friday we had a division with the sister trainers. I was super super stressed out and nervous, because they were coming to our area, instead of trading one sister for a day, which meant I would be on my own with another companion, visiting our investigators, and navigating our area. I did not feel ready, and I did not feel like I could understand them well enough, and know what commitments to extend. I was ready to explode from the stress of the week, and now this. But it actually went super well. The sisters are fantastic. I was with Sister Sobreira, and we visited our investigators, taught a new person, and I discovered that I could actually understand and do more than I thought. Sister Roig may have chosen different scriptures, said different things, but that doesn’t mean that what I chose was wrong. This is what I needed to find out. I really didn’t want to do the division, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I learned to trust myself more. And the sisters helped us, and got to know us, and were really awesome. I didn’t feel like they were breathing down our necks or taking notes or anything. We actually really enjoyed having them stay with us for a day. It was a testimony builder to me that the Lord knows exactly what we need.
Sister Roig and I also had a talk Monday, that helped me a ton. I had been upset earlier in the day, feeling like I was not able to teach by the spirit, and say the right thing, even though I was trying, and she listened, and when I finished, she told me when she was being trained, she felt useless in the lessons, still learning Portuguese. Sister Perez did everything, and the investigators just talked to her, and so Sister Roig never felt guided by the spirit. But now she’s training, and she feels inspiration, because she really needs it, and is really seeking it. We’re companions she said, but at the same time, I’m still learning and need to lean on her sometimes, and so she really needs to be guided by the spirit. And she feels it. But she didn’t before. This was a huge relief to me, because I had been feeling similarly. I do my best to participate in our lessons, but I can only understand so much, and am still learning how to teach. This combined with the advice from Dad the other week has helped me tremendously.
Investigators.  I don’t know last names, they're all super long. But if you could pray for Vitoria, Rayza, Thais, Luciane, and Luana this week, that would be wonderful :)
Gravatá----all the a’s are pronounced like the a in father. And it has an accent on the last a, so it’s like GravatA.

Aggghggggggasjdkfhakdsjfhaksjdfhasdjfh! My computer is kicking me off.
The photos of Ermesson”s baptism magically disappeared from my camera, so I'll have to try again next week.

Apologize to Amy and the kids, and Bea for me. I didn’t have time to write them this week, but they are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope I get to talk to you next week.

Love you!
Sister Hicken

Happy December!  We are lookin' GOOD!

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