Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Christmas Postal Miracle

December 10, 2013


You are the best. Big hug from me. Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. Since we have zone conference and temple this week, they decided not to have a p-day Monday. But we were still going to be able to write to our families....until the night before, when we found out the AP changed his mind. Grrr. I support my leaders, I support my leaders I support my leaders. ANYways, I’m on now, I hope you’re able to get on. For Christmas, we’ll talk on Skype. Next week I'll be on at the normal time, so we can chat and figure out the time difference and when would be best for both of us. I'll have at least an hour to talk with you guys, maybe more. 

SO. Story about the packages. HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS, AND MIRACLES ARE REAL! I was praying hard that at least one would somehow get to me, and I really really didn’t want you guys to have to pay again. I felt sick thinking about it. Yesterday, one of the secretaries called to tell me that 2 packages arrived in a mail delivery place, with the wrong address, and they were going to be sent back, but a member of the church works there and he saw that they were for a missionary and kept them, and called the mission office. So today, when we went to Recife for the temple, we went to the mail warehouse, and asked for the packages, and the guy asked for a number, which we didn’t have, and I didn’t have the address of the packages (we had the one for letters, but no one knew the one for packages that’s wrong, and the APs were in the zone conference already). We tried everything, and no one knew the address and no one was answering phones, so I gave the guy our home address, and he said he’d look but he couldn’t promise anything cuz it would be really hard without the number of the package. So we waited and prayed REALLY hard. I felt like Nephi, asked to go and get the plates (or Christmas packages) but not knowing exactly how to do it. But he came back with 2 packages!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I cannot describe how happy I was. I almost cried. Okay I did cry a little bit. It was 2 from you guys. So don’t worry, 2 of them got here!!!!! And it really is a miracle, because they could only stay for 7 days before being sent back to the states, and only I could pick them up, and this was the only time we could go to Recife for the entire month. I said so many prayers of thanks today. Heavenly Father watches over his children :) I wish I had been able to tell you earlier so you didn’t have to worry about sending more, but we just found out yesterday, and we couldn’t email. 

Trying to think what I have to tell you from this week. This week was difficult, because we’re trying to find new people to teach, so we’ve been doing a lot of knocking on doors. That meant we didn’t get to visit some of our recent converts this week, and on Sunday only one of them came. Garrrhhh. We’re trying to get the ward involved in welcoming the recent converts, but it’s hard because there are so few people and they are already so busy. But we’re working as hard as we can. Oh yeah, we also lost some work this week because there was a day and a half where Sister Roig had to remain in our house, in close proximity to the porcelain throne. Not fun :( 

Yesterday we had the most fantastic lesson with Vitoria and Rayza. FINALLY we were able to teach them one on one, and talk openly. We taught the first lesson, and it went really well. The spirit was definitely there, and they were able to ask questions, and we explained everything, so that by the end, Vitoria had no doubts or questions left. We were so surprised. She had told us before that she had many doubts about the Book of Mormon. Ahhhh we were so pleased. They are really fantastic people, and we feel really strongly that they have been prepared to receive the gospel. They just need to read and pray and receive an answer. Pray for them! 

Today we left bright and early for Recife, and after the mail craziness, finally arrived at the temple. It is BEAUTIFUL. And they had the new film in Portuguese!!! And I actually understood most of it! It was just what we needed. Ahhhhh I love the temple. Tomorrow we have zone conference, and then Friday Thais is going to be baptized hopefully. Please pray for her. She has been waiting a long time, and this week has been difficult for her and the family, but she is so close! 

That’s pretty much it for the week. Oh except for the other day I killed a cockroach! He crept into our house, and I threw my girls camp shirt on him and smashed him. Poor t-shirt. It broke my heart a little. But it has never served a nobler cause. Also, we had a cat come through our back door the other day. Scared the living everything out of me. I think the next logical think to expect is a mountain lion. Fortunately I learned from Parent Trap how to ward off mountain lions, so we’re safe. 

I love you all, and hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year! Alma 7:11-13 is my favorite scripture right now. Also Mosiah 3, where he prophesies of Christ. 

Love, Sister Hicken

YOUR BEAUTIFUL LETTERS!!  I read them again last night.  Thank you for all your letters on love and missionary work!  It is so true!!!  I can't speak the language very well, but people can always tell when you love them.   I enjoyed Laura's TARDIS and Boromir, and Dr. Who, and Rachel's gymnastics picture, and I will have nightmares of Emma's Gorgon guy.  And Nathan, yo no se nada de español ahora.  Hahahah.  Say hi to Brother Donnellon and Brother Marsh for me!!

Batismo de Ermesson.  He is a future bishop!!!         

Sister Roig and Sister Hicken at the Recife Brazil Temple

Sister Hicken, Sister Roig, Sister Rodrigues, and Sister Remy

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  1. Soooooo happy to hear about your Christmas miracle Sister Hicken! Much love from cold and snowy Michigan!!