Monday, November 11, 2013

We Had Our First Baptism!!

November 11, 2013

Hi Mom!

Minha nossa (my goodness) you already sent Christmas packages? Awwww :) Ahhh I’m so excited for Christmas! My roommates will be very excited for the Christmas tree. We were just talking about how we want to decorate for Natal (Christmas) but don’t want to buy anything. Ahhhhhh I can’t wait for packages and letters! They still haven’t arrived, but I got a letter last week from Sister Donnelly! Haha. Please tell her I loved it and it made my week. It was very sweet. The first letter I got in the mission field! And congrats to Lauren and Jacob! Wow that is crazy! Hope Emilee is doing well in the MTC.

So biggest news of the week is WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!! It was a 12-year-old kid named Kelvin. He’s awesome, and his parents are fantastic too. They don’t have a baptismal date (because they’re not married yet), and are attending another church but they’ve been there for all the lessons and seem really interested, and are very supportive of Kelvin. The baptism was yesterday. I’m gonna try and send a photo. Nossa, it was wonderful.

Today makes 2 months on my mission! Whoooa. The time has flown by. This week was really hard and really hot, but I am coming to love these people so much. The members, the sisters, and our pesquisadores. We are teaching some amazing people, one family in particular is so fantastic, they are good people, and so receptive, but they just don’t come to church! Ahhhh we don’t know what to do. But that’s a perpetual problem in the mission field.

Random bits of info-every Wednesday Sister Remy and I teach an English class in the church. So far not many people have come, but we’re trying to tell more people about it. It's always weird speaking English now.

Several people in Brazil have told me I look like Avril Lavigne. Hahaha. Also members of the church always look at my nametag and think it says Hinckley, and then they get really excited because they think I’m related to the prophet. Even after I tell them how to pronounce my name, some call me Sister Hinckley anyways haha :)

I had a talk this week, on the worth of souls, ha-ha. Same topic as my farewell talk, but I forgot to print it off, so I just wrote a new one. It went okay. Not sure how much people could understand through my Portuguese. But it went well.

Question. If Brazil is so hot, how can the water be so COLD?! Haha our shower is always freezing. Believe it or not, you can get used to cold showers.

I am super pink. I seriously have a gorgeous farmer tan going on right now, and it’s only been 2 weeks. And I use sunscreen! Gahhhh.

Alrighty, I’m gonna sign off and try to send a photo now. I LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH MOM AND DAD AND NATHAN AND BETHANY AND LAURA AND EMMA AND RACHEL!

Love, Sister Hicken
Sister Hicken in Gravatá

Sister Hicken, Kelvin, and Sister Roig.  Our first baptism!!

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