Monday, November 4, 2013

This Week Was Good, But Hard.

November 4, 2013

Hi Mom and Dad!

You’re gonna have to correct a lot mistakes in this letter. This keyboard is super annoying! 

This week was good, but hard. We have a family marked for baptism next week (They’re even already married! Which is rare here) but they’ve been flaking on us all week. They’re such a neat family, and felt the spirit so strong, so we’re not sure what’s going on. We’re teaching the sister of the mom, and she’s awesome, but she can’t walk, and can’t go to church, and no one has a car. So we felt a bit stuck this week.

If you remember Erick, the kid who was going to be baptized last week, but didn't because his grandma would be mad. We felt like we should give her a Book of Mormon. So we did, and Erick is reading it to her. We’ve taught her a couple times and it went well. We're praying and fasting for her heart to be softened. She’s really a neat lady.

We invited 37 people to come to church this week and 18 said they would come, but just one showed up. AHHH. It’s sad and frustrating because we had a few people in particular, who were really receptive, and really wanted to learn more and come to church, but don’t come. And we can’t do anything else.  It’s up to them.

The other sisters had a baptism this week, and we sang Joseph Smith’s First Prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount. I made up an alto part and taught it to Sister Remy, and it went really well!

This week my testimony of promptings has been strengthened. A couple of times this week, someone came to my mind that we hadn’t planned to visit. We went and visited Elein, and caught her just as she was leaving, and made an appointment to come back. If we had delayed she would have been gone already. And the other day, we were teaching Joniele, when her sister showed up. Gisele was there for another lesson in the past, and was really receptive and we were glad she came for this one. At the end, she said that she had been drinking all morning, and had the thought that she should go over to her sister’s house. She pushed it away, but still felt like she should go. So she came, and found us there. They are both really fantastic.

On the other hand, I had a prompting the other day that we should visit this lady, but it was dark, we were heading to another lesson, and there were lots of drunks out on the street because it was a holiday. There were lots of excuses. But our appointment fell through, and I told my companion I felt we needed to visit Vania, but it was not safe to go back through the neighborhood. If I had voiced the thought right when I had it, we would have been able to visit, because it turned out we had been really close to her house. But I didn’t. And I felt awful afterwards, really awful. We went back the next day and there were lots of people at her house, so we didn’t get to visit with her. I’m not sure why we needed to, but I know it was a prompting, and I didn’t obey, and it was the worst feeling. LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT!

Aahhh I don’t have much more time, but I have more things to say! Quickly, my companion is really cool cause she’s a fellow nerd: Star Wars and Jane Austen and such. I have a funny story for just family next week.

Love you all super, super much!!!!!!!


November 4, 2013

Hola irmaos e irmas!

Hope you guys had a good Halloween! Sounds like it was a lot of fun, except for Laura being sick :(

Laura-  Yes, we cook our own food, but we always have lunch at a member’s house, so we just make cereal for breakfast and I eat Ramen for dinner usually. And for lunch they always have lots of rice and beans!

Emma-  I’ll have the same companion for the next four weeks, and then I may get a new one, or I may stay with Sister Roig. We don’t know until the day before. We go to the same ward every week. It’s really tiny! Only about 30 people come every week.

Nate-  They don’t have Halloween here, but they do have Dia Dos Mortos, kind of like our Memorial Day. That was last Saturday.

Rachel- We gave one Book of Mormon out last week, wait 2, actually, and are going to give out more this week.  It's hard because lots of people can’t read here.

Love you all! Thank you for your letters! I miss you tons! :D

Love Camille

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