Monday, November 25, 2013

Dora the Explorer teaches English. True Story.

November 25, 2013

Ola!  Answers to your questions:  It’s a rule of the mission that we have an hour and a half to email (that includes message to presidente and the mission journal). Transfers happen next week. Sister Roig and I will remain, because she’s training me. But it’s possible the next transfer, I could be training. That scares me SOOOOO much. I’m emailing from a local computer place. I don’t know last names of our investigators off the top of my head because they’re suuuuper long. But I'll try and bring them next time. Also, our elders are going to the office tomorrow, so on our district meeting Wednesday, they’ll bring any packages and letters from the past few weeks. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  MINHA NOSSA (whenever I use this, it means my goodness, or holy moly or whatnot) We get to go to the temple in 2 weeks!!!! For our zone conference. That’s when we’re singing Noite Feliz.

Thank you for sending pictures :) I love seeing pictures! I can actually see the Halloween costumes this time. How cool! They look awesome!
WE BEAT OUR MISSION GOAL FOR THE MONTH! 209 baptisms! Thais and Ermesson actually didn’t get baptized this week because things were super crazy with the wedding, but Ermesson is going to be baptized this Thursday, receive the priesthood/be confirmed on Sunday, and baptize Thais Sunday night. They are so excited!!!!!!!!!! And the wedding was wonderful. AHHH they were so adorable!!!! Thais looked like a Disney princess. Ahhhh there are no words to describe how excited we all were for them, and how sweet it was. They are so cute!
Other bulletins from the week: Saturday marked one month in Gravatá. Ahhh so crazy. I still feel like I haven’t been here very long. But I do know the area a lot better now, and I know and love the people super much! Also, I have the gorgeous tan lines to prove I’ve been here for a while :P
Something that blew my mind:  They have Dora the Explorer here, but she teaches ENGLISH!!! WHAT???!!!! Yes. I saw and heard with my own ears and eyes.
There is a new dance craze that is taking the rage by country. (That will only be funny to you mom and dad, who will get my reference--[editor's note:  It's a Smother's Brothers comedy routine reference]). It is called the Arctic Trickle. I learned it while trying to take a shower in a trickle of water comparable in temperature to the polar ice caps. There is also the Arctic Blast, when we have muito agua. It defies all the laws of science that the water here is so cold when Brazil is so HOT! Anyways, I’ll have to send you a dance tutorial; it’s really COOL (hahahaha get it.... cuz it’s cool...hahahahahaha)
In answer to a few more of your questions-
I haven’t yet taken a picture of our apartment from the outside, but I can send photos of the inside. Not sure of our address, I’ll send it next week. Sister Roig (Hoyg is how you pronounce her name, my bad) is from Argentina, going to school for architecture, 19 years old, member all her life, and a fellow nerd :). Sister Remy from Utah (she served in MI for 2 transfers before coming here and lived in Charlotte when she was little!) is 19 or 20 I believe, 9 months on the mission, is going to school. Sister Rodrigues is 22 and is engaged, and still came on a mission! She finishes in a year. She is from São Paulo.  I will never have to drive or ride a bike on my mission PRAISE THE HEAVENS.
There are 2 wards here in Gravatá. It split a few years ago. There are technically enough members to do that, but there are so many inactives, our ward is more like a branch. About 50 people tops come every week. Our ward is called Boa Vista (or good view). I'll answer more next week :)

ANYways, I’ll try to send some pictures now. I love my mission, and I love this gospel and my Savior Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon. I know the Lord is watching over our family. I didn’t fully realize it until I came here, but the Lord has truly blessed our family SO much. Yes, we have worries and troubles as everyone does. But we are all healthy, we have what we need, we have the gospel, we love each other, and we are firm in the faith.
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! :)
Sister Hicken

Our Study Area

Our Kitchen

                             Sister Roig, Sister Remy, Thais, Ermesson, Sister Hicken, and Sister Rodrigues                                                             Ermesson and Thais Wedding.                   They don't smile in pictures here, but they are really, really happy!

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