Thursday, October 17, 2013

This Time Next Week I'll Be in the Field

October 16, 2013                                                             Wednesday

Ola familia! (e amigos tambem)

Hope you are all doing well. It sounded like a CRAZY week for you guys at home.  This week has been really good. It's crazy to think that this time next week I'll be in the field. I won't have another P-Day until a week from next Monday :( but hopefully I'll be able to email you next Tuesday when I arrive in Recife. You'll hear from me next Tuesday most likely, and if not, then the Monday after.

This last Sunday, I gave a talk in church, in Portuguese. It actually went really well I think. I talked about faith. Faith has taken on a new meaning for me in the last year. Yes, Alma 32:21 is true, but more than a hope, Faith is an action, and often nothing happens until we take a few steps into the darkness. That's when the confirmation from the Lord comes. 

We also "baptized" our first "investigator"! We finished teaching our fake investigator, Augusto, and his baptism date was set for this Saturday, so we all put together a pretend baptismal service, where we gave a couple talks, and sang songs, and invited other districts, and even though Augusto (Irmao (which means brother in Portuguese) Barros) was not really getting baptized, we all felt so filled with the Spirit, and so excited! It was very cool.

Our other investigator Pedro, we finally committed to a baptismal date, after giving an awesome lesson on baptism. Sister Reichman came up with these awesome analogies relating baptism and covenants to a legal contract, or a law firm. Pedro is studying to be a lawyer, so this really clicked with him, and he was really impressed and touched that we had prepared so in depth to help him understand baptism. We're doing better every day teaching by the Spirit, and I am learning more and more how much I need to rely on the Lord.

I love you all! Nate, Laura, Emma, Rachel, I hope school is going well :) Congrats on band festival Nathan. Send me pictures of your Halloween costumes, everyone!

Soon I'll be able to send you guys pictures too. Although, you should have gotten a picture of me at the Sao Paulo temple, from the MTC a few weeks ago. Let me know if you got it, so I can ask them for it if they didn't send it.

Eu amo voces muito! :)

Scripture of the week: Ether 12:27/ 12:6

Love, Camille

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