Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Letter From the MTC

September 11, 2013

Hi Mom!
Not sure how much time I'll have before they kick me out, but I will try to answer as many of your questions as I can!
Flight was good, really bumpy in some places. Got a whole row to myself, so I was able to sleep better. Got into the airport fine. I was the only missionary. There was supposed to be another sister on my same flight from Detroit, but she never got on. We're not sure what happened. So I was driven to the MTC by myself, and met with a senior missionary, and he said I was the only American/English speaker that arrived this week. But then it turned out that another sister from Australia had arrived at 4 a.m. that he didn't know about, and we're companions. So no worries! I do have a companion. And she's awesome. Her name is Sister Cameron. If the other sister from Minnesota comes, we'll be a trio. Our room has three bunkbeds in it, pretty big. I expected to be put to work right when I got there at 9, but it turned out we didn't have anything until 12. So I showered and got ready. And then we met up with a group of four elders and one sister from the Provo MTC that they weren't expecting. It's crazy right now with all the visa stuff. They have 1100 missionaries waiting on visas to Brazil. So anyways, we had some orientation/introduction and tour around São Paulo (just like a block around the MTC), and you get an email with a picture of me and the other missionaries with the mission president and his wife. My companion is the tall one right next to me. The food is really interesting and different, but good. I love trying new things.
Not sure how often we're allowed to read emails, probably only once a week. I think we're only allowed right now because it's the first day. Pouch mail I think is delivered every day though. Haven't met any sisters (or elders) going to Recife. But almost every Brazilian that I've told that I'm going to Recife says it's hot there.
I've loved my time here so far. It's challenging, and they're throwing us right into the language, but luckily my companion speaks English (with an Australian accent!!!) and people are understanding. I can't wait to learn Brazilian! Haha just kidding Nate, I know it's Portuguese. I have to go now, but I'll email or send a letter as soon as I can. Love you! Thank you for the email! Tell everyone I love them :)

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